How to Seek and Secure Investors for Your Business

Running a business, or thinking of starting one? You may need investors. Here are the top suggestions for securing the interest of investors and eventually raising funds:

  1. Create a realistic budget to gain traction. To show investors you have what it takes, you’ll need a budget to get your first customers and to make sure that a business-market match exists. Once you have some successes to show, you can move on to pitching investors. Many dedicate much of their energy to pitching for a period of six months or more. You need to consider the travel costs and expenses.
  2. Get to know potential investors. Conduct thorough research on potential investors. Are they people you can work with? Have they invested in businesses like yours before? Do the principles of your business mesh with theirs? If you find investors with interests and beliefs that mirror yours, your chance of success will dramatically increase.
  3. Use social media. A strong, positive social media presence can entice investors. When you pitch to investors, they’ll remember you as the firm active on social media that freely shared inspiration and positivity. Also, social media is an excellent way to get to know investors. Make a note of topics they post about frequently and then use them during your pitch to show that your values and ideas intertwine with theirs.
  4. Pitch at your level. If you’re just starting out, start small in your search for investors. If you’re a newcomer in the business arena, increase your odds of success by choosing smaller, lesser-known investors who frequently support your type of business. If your business is well-established and you have a million-dollar idea to expand your brand, then go ahead and pitch to the bigger investors after you conduct research on them.
  5. Practice your pitch. Craft an elevator pitch and take every opportunity to practice it in front of anyone who will listen. This way, when you stand in front of a potential investor, you’ll be able to speak about your business, the problems it solves and what you need to make it better. If the investor has both the interest and capacity to move forward, you can then offer a full business pitch for your idea.

The process of raising funding can take up to two years and consume a lot of energy. The good news is that there are investors looking for a good rate of return, and you can convince them that putting their money in your business will do just that.

Financiers are investing in you, not just your business. Angel deals are closing every day, and successful companies will always attract funding at acceptable values. Consider what steps you need to take to become investment-ready. We can work together to help you get your new business off the ground.