In a fast-paced world, we’re the accounting and consulting partner that helps you keep up – or better yet – move out ahead.

Behind Every Successful Business is a Partner Propelling You Forward
As the world gets faster, financial challenges get tougher. Change comes more rapidly. And opportunities are fleeting. The businesses that succeed in a fast-paced world are the ones that have the right partners behind them.

At MahoneySabol, we’re experts in accounting, auditing, tax and business consulting. But, more importantly, we’re experts in providing timely insights and intelligence to help businesses stay out ahead. Ahead of the changing tax landscape. Ahead of new business challenges. Ahead of the competition. We have specialized experience in a wide range of industries, so we understand your unique challenges and provide true strategic guidance.

Years in business
Industry Specialties
Experienced CPA's

The Feel of a Local Firm
To help guide your business, we get closer to your business. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We are attentive, personal and caring like only a local firm can be. And to help you move quickly, we are extremely nimble, as well.

Responsiveness is in our DNA. We are not only quick to respond to your questions and needs, we work to anticipate them and provide solutions before a challenge even becomes a challenge.

The Resources of a Global Firm
Our clients feel more secure knowing we have their back and they feel confident knowing who’s got ours. Our independent membership in the BDO Alliance USA means we share resources with BDO, LLP and with over 215 member firms. We can draw on this unparalleled pool of expertise, experience, education and capabilities to strengthen our own company, and in turn, strengthen yours.

The BDO Alliance USA presents an opportunity for firms to expand services to clients without jeopardizing our existing relationships or our autonomy by accessing the resources of BDO USA, LLP and other Alliance members. The BDO Alliance USA was developed to provide Member firms with an alternative strategy for gaining competitive advantage in the face of a changing business landscape. The Alliance represents an opportunity for BDO to enhance relationships with reputable firms that share a mutual business understanding. The BDO Alliance USA is a subsidiary of BDO USA, LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership.

Founded in 1990 by James Mahoney and Michael Sabol, MahoneySabol has grown into one of the region’s leading accounting and consulting firms, serving clients in a wide range of industries throughout New England.



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