Whether you’re an expert in law or medicine, architecture or advertising, insurance or engineering, you no doubt know your business. But you may not know everything you need to about accounting and taxes. And the challenges and opportunities this area presents can be just as critical to business success as your core product or service.

MahoneySabol can be that expertise you need, partnering with you and working like an extension of your company to ensure your success. We can help with your business needs from very basic bookkeeping, to more complex tax planning and tax compliance issues. We can also help you to achieve your personal wealth management goals. Our team members have extensive knowledge that we can share with you, and a broad spectrum of experience in many service areas. And as a professional services firm ourselves, we have unique insights into the challenges you face every day.

Areas of Focus:

  • Comprehensive tax planning including navigation thru the ever-changing state tax nexus issues
  • Evaluate compensation plans and benchmark against your industry
  • Merger and acquisition consulting
  • Succession planning assistance in developing a process for next generation of leaders in your firm
  • Tax planning related to owners and partners

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