If you’re a successful performer – on the stage or on the field of play – you’re much like your own corporation. You have more complex financial and accounting needs than the average individual, and you have a brand reputation that needs to be protected.

Keeping up with federal and state tax law is similar to becoming a professional entertainer or athlete, in that you need to work on your respective discipline every day. The ever-changing tax laws often can be the determining factor when deciding on where to live or what contract to sign.

Games and financial success are lost every year due to bad advice. When you make the right financial decisions, your success can last a lifetime, and even longer.

We understand your unique challenges, like multi-state tax filings and coordinating with other professionals including lawyers, agent and brokers. As a trusted member of your team, we understand the value of your personal brand and will work as your silent partner to keep you in compliance with the taxing authorities.

Areas of Focus:

  • Comprehensive tax and estate planning
  • Tax compliance, including preparation of returns
  • Tax planning
  • Tax structuring of contracts

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