Good Statements Get Good Loans

Good Statements Get Good Loans

You’re looking for a loan. Your bank wants information to gauge if you have a healthy company. Therefore, the more a lender knows about your business and can see into its financial workings, the better your chances are for securing. Sufficient financial transparency can help obtain your loan. As you ask for more money, banks […]

How to Handle Bad Debt and Taxes

When can you use bad debt to reduce business income? Even when you take the customer to court and you still don’t get your money, there’s a way to make lemonade from this lemon of a customer. If your business has already shown this amount as income for tax purposes, you may be able to reduce […]

Child and Dependent Care Credit

You may be wondering whether the money you spent on a day care center, a babysitter, summer camp or other provider to care for your qualifying child under age 13 or a disabled dependent of any age can earn you tax credits. The child and dependent care credit provides a tax break for many parents […]